Startup tip #14: 7 ideas to create an effective ‘About’ page on your website

Create an ‘About’ page on your website. On my site, it’s one of the most viewed pages. It’s one of the first places visitors will look to get a sense of who you are and what you do. You can be transparent and engage your customers. It can also help direct readers to other pages of interest within your site. It’s a great chance to build credibility with your customer.

Here are 7 features an About page should have, according to Sonia Simone from

  1. Make sure you have an About page.
  2. Put a personal name on it. Readers want to know what to call you. (You can also use an alias if you want to.)
  3. Include a real photo of yourself
  4. Make sure the writing is interesting
  5. If you use video, keep it short and make sure there is also text on the page for those of us who are readers
  6. Keep the text reasonably short, interesting and relevant
  7. Talk to your readers about how you can serve their needs
  8. (Bonus) Include your social media details and real-world contact details

There’s some more great information from well-known blogger Darren Rowse of who talks about his take on “About’ pages here:


Review your current About page and update it with one or more of these recommendations. If you don’t have one, today would  be a good day to start!

This week, we’ll focus on tips to build credibility for your business – so stay tuned.

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  1. Great tips! I will double check all is on my about me page! Thanks!!!

    • Thanks Carrie.
      You are obviously doing lots right as you have lots of responses from readers on your About page! I hope the checklist can help you add to what you are already doing and tweak it even more.

  2. Number 8 is really cool. You are letting people know you are open for contacting and that can only be good!

    • I agree. I think it also establishes credibility – that you are a real person.

      • I got from these so called SEO experts tips how I should outsource the blogging to make traffic bigger. But that’s not the reason I’m blogging in the first place. If I’m real and cool and interesting traffic will come. And with credibility that comes with it, many doors gets opened.

        • I am so with you. A lot of SEO companies are trying to get guest posts to boost search engine rankings for their clients. A lot of the time the writing is really poor quality. They are not really interested in helping the blogger. They are interested in getting links for the company that is paying them.

          Your strategy makes a lot of sense Ivan – being yourself and having something interesting to say is the core of a good blog in my opinion.

  3. That being said, due to my recent illness and huge amount of work I have to do, blog is neglected.

    I’ll have to be super productive this week to catch up! 🙂

  4. Great tips! Can I add another: as a PR I always want to easily find a blogger’s location. Include your town or city if you are interested in being invited to events.

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