Startup tip #15: Use testimonials from satisfied customers.

Your potential customer is looking for proof that you can do what you say and that they will benefit if they spend money with you. Testimonials tell them that you have been able to come up with the goods for others.

However, all the cheesy sales sites do this so make sure your testimonials look credible by…

  • Making sure the text is in your customer’s own words
  • Videos of your customer speaking can also be convincing
  • Including a photo (or a screenshot of your customer’s website if they have one)
  • Including a link to their website (if they have one) or other mentions of their company on the web.

I found this great video for you by Derek Halpern from Social Triggers, on how to structure the perfect testimonial. Definitely worth a watch.

Got any examples of testimonials that are well done? Put a link in the comments.


  1. Good series of tips Susan.

    I love testimonials and think that they are so powerful in the ‘people buy people’ World that we live in. However, because it is so easy to fake website testimonials I decided to build an online service to help website owners get verified testimonials from their customers and to help them manage their testimonials in one place and distribute them automatically to multiple web pages.

  2. Great tip. Happy to share our example, we divided our customer testimonials in two sections:

    1. A basic testimonial – Quoting them with a picture when available
    2. Case Study – with customers name, industry, location along with their problem and how solved them.

    Here is the page:

    We used pictures and put them right on top of our customers page.

  3. I’ve put customer testimonials onto the homepage of – it loads one out of 6 or 7 at random.
    They also get loaded on the payment page. Photos definitely add to the impact and trust they generate,

  4. We haven’t yet implemented a customer testimonials page, but there are definitely some great examples here. Loading a small customer testimonial message at the bottom of a landing page, tour page or signup page is a great idea.

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