what the site is about

What I am about is giving you the tools to :

  • come up with a business idea,
  • make it the best it can be
  • launch your business in the market with the best possible chance of success.

The way I do this is to give you the tools and theory that seasoned, successful entrepreneurs use to analyse every venture they invest in. I’ve made this information easy to apply to your idea.

I am also about making it as simple as possible for you to get your business idea off the ground. Business isn’t rocket science but there are certain things you need to think about and get right if you want to be successful. I concentrate on these.  In my experience this important information isn’t so easy to find. Until recently, it’s only been taught in business schools.

I believe that given the right opportunity and solid research to prove the idea, everyone can be successful in business. This doesn’t mean that it won’t be hard work – it will be! But you can do it!!

I want help you be as successful as you can be in business

Let the adventure begin!


about Susan Jones

I love to travel to developing countries and share my entrepreneurial skills. My strength is strategic thinking and asking the important questions.

I have won national and international business plan competitions and have helped many business people develop business ideas and write successful business plans.

I have successfully started and run several businesses and am currently a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship  at Swinburne University, Australia. I have helped hundreds of people develop profitable business ideas using powerful principles that apply to every business.

I hold a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


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The site has 3 main sections:

  1. Learn: articles that teach you strategy you can apply to your startup
  2. Startup Stories: Interviews with Entrepreneurs
  3. 365 Startup Tips: Short tips that you can apply to help your startup grow. Each one ends with an action point you can apply today.

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