Startup tip #5 – Check out your competitors

Have a look at what your competitors are doing.

If you don’t think you have any – you are wrong. You just don’t know your market well enough yet.

Even if you think you know who they are, have another look. See what they are doing and how they have changed their business model. What changes do you need to make to stay competitive?

Further Resources:

Find out more about what your competitors are doing that’s success and why it’s working at


  1. Jody Burgess says:

    Great idea. Does anyone have recommendations on the latest tools for analyzing competitors?

  2. The founders of Reddit didn’t know about Digg when they launched. I just though to share with you a talk from a 99% Conference:

    • Thanks for sharing Tara.
      We shouldn’t obsess about competitors. And we certainly shouldn’t copy them. But it is useful to know what they are doing, even if it’s just to prove that there is a market for our idea.

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