Startup Tip 69: You NEED to super charge your startup creation

There’s something in you that you HAVE to share with the world. I KNOW there is. Here’s why. You have this business idea that you think about all the time. You can see exactly what your startup will look like when it’s finished. It really inspires you. It keeps you awake at night. You feel […]

5 books to rock your Startup

Have you got a few special books on your bookshelf? You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones which felt like an epiphany when you read them. The ones whose lessons changed your life in some significant way. I want to share 5 of my special books for entrepreneurs with you today. They are […]

Why won’t anyone buy my product? 3 ways to boost your marketing

Sales funnel

Has this happened to you? You spend ages creating a great opt-in bonus that has heaps of value for your target audience and then hardly anyone signs up to get it. Or you research and test a product idea, everyone says they want it and then when you finally launch it, people click on your sales page […]

Startup Tip 68: Why thinking too big can be fatal & thinking too small can be deadly

Every entrepreneur has it. The tension between the grand vision of what they see their business could become and the stark reality of where they are now. How do you bridge the chasm without getting overwhelmed on one hand or stuck in the minutiae of day to day tasks on the other? I’ve recorded a short video […]

Have you won the battle every successful entrepreneur must fight?

Note: Pick up the free poster to go along with this post. It’s my favourite quotes that give me daily inspiration to win the battle.   I’ve got a confession to make. And later, a resolution as well. So here it is: I spent my whole week last week doing…  nothing. I mean, I sat at my desk, […]

How to build your social startup with no team and no money


  Excuses. We’re all good at making them. Whether it’s why we can’t start exercising today or why we can’t start our startup just yet. I often hear people tell me they have obstacles like I haven’t got any money, I can’t find a technical cofounder or I live in a developing country. The story […]

Startup Tip 67: The secret weapon for beating procrastination and getting things done

Last week we talked about beating perfectionism and getting one thing done a day. How are you going with that? In that post, I mentioned the Pomodoro Technique as a useful tool to help you and today I’ll fill you in on what it is and how you can use it. What is the Pomodoro […]

Startup Tip 66: Why perfectionism will kill your Startup and how to beat it into a pulp before it does

I’ve recorded this short video for you today because I wanted to have a bit of a heart to heart about how Perfectionism will kill your startup – and how to beat it into a pulp before it does. Very blood thirsty I know! It is a problem for many of us – and you […]

Startup tip 65: 8 ways to transform your smart phone into a business booster, not a deadly distraction

We’ve all been there. We look up from our cell phone and an hour (or two or three!) has gone past without us even realising it. We’ve been sucked into the smart phone black hole again. Managing our own time well is one of the most critical skills we can develop as an entrepreneur. Often […]

Why me? Three ways to soar when life isn’t fair

Two days before, I had been in the fetal position on my bathroom floor, thirty-six weeks pregnant and screaming with pain. It was excruciating, the worst pain I had ever experienced—and I had experienced lots. As the ambulance officer supported me out the front door and into the back of the ambulance, all I could […]

Startup Tip 64: How to keep moving forward in the face of uncertainty

Uncertainty is a natural part of the startup life. It’s where the excitement comes from, where the magic happens and its a place where we live a lot while building our startup. While there’s nothing wrong with uncertainty, the problem is that it can be uncomfortable. And most of us don’t like to be uncomfortable. […]

Startup tip 63: How to find the best keywords for your website and dominate your niche

This is a guest post by Thomas McMahon. Having great content on your site is key, but it’s worthless if it doesn’t feature great keywords as well. Let me explain why it is so important to find the best keywords for your website. After spending entirely too much time on the internet looking at how people are […]

Startup Tip 62: Narrow your focus and concentrate on what is really important

There’s a process I have been using for a number of years which I find quite useful for goal setting. I call it my 3 month focus. I devised it originally because I was having so many ideas, all the time, that it was causing me to get distracted and I wasn’t using my time […]

9 proven ways to find good business ideas that will make a profit

What makes a good business idea? Good business ideas are only good if they are likely to lead to a profitable and viable business. In other words, they tap into a market opportunity. We all have all sorts of ideas (all the time if you are like me 🙂 ) but not all of them […]

Sisters doing it for themselves: the (interactive) list of women entrepreneurs

It seems like female founders are invisible these days. Over the last few weeks, I’ve come across countless articles bemoaning the lack of women in tech. However, there are plenty of awesome women entrepreneurs out there but they are more likely to beavering away on their startup or juggling life at home than blowing their […]

My formula for an Outstanding Startup: Step 1 – Increase your Odds with a Good Business Idea

good business idea

This is a post that is long overdue. The formula in the picture summarises my whole philosophy about what is needed to create a successful business. I probably don’t need to say any more – just leave you with the picture. But for those of you who like details, I’ll expand below. The startup formula […]

Startup Tip 61: Avoid procrastination – just do the work

Creativity is really hard work. I’m actually writing this blog post, but I’m supposed to be writing another one – but to marshal my thoughts seemed like a lot of effort. Building a business is full of creative tasks that require really hard thinking, unfamiliar tasks that require us to work and boring tasks that we would […]

Our path to $1 Million in sales – Walker Williams &

This is a guest post written by Walker Williams, Co-founder of Teespring & purveyor of t-shirt magic. Just over nine months ago, armed with a few beta users and a short wait list, we launched Teespring to the world. The concept was simple: Kickstarter for custom t-shirts. Instead of dropping thousands of dollars to get your tees screen […]

Why creativity is essential to your survival as an entrepreneur

Creativity and Ideas tend to get a bit of a bashing these days in the startup world. This tweet I received the other day expresses the sentiment well. “Susan: Ideas are a dime a dozen. Finding a great co-founder and building a great team is 10x more important than the Idea.”   While I agree that a […]

Startup Tip 60: It’s okay to make mistakes

Tonight I attended the Lean Startup Melbourne meetup and listened to a panel of founders who have all been through accelerator programs. One of the things they talked about was startup mistakes and I wanted to share their wisdom with you. Success stories on TechCrunch often give us the impression that startup founders are super […]