Here’s your Bonus Pack

Susan Jones head shot 2016On this page, I’ve picked out four of my best posts around finding great business ideas.

Enjoy! and I’ll see you at the Workshop soon.


How do You Know if you have a Great Business Idea

I spent a good deal of my time last week listening to business proposals – 28 of them in fact. It was the end of semester and my University students were presenting the business ideas they had been developing for the last 12 weeks. It was a good opportunity for me to think about what makes a good business idea.

How to Capture new Business Ideas and make them work for You.

What difference would it make to your business, if you could tap into a never-ending source of new business ideas? What if I told you that you already had such a source that is always throwing new ideas at you?

My Formula for an Outstanding Startup: Step 1 – Increase your Odds with a Good Business Idea

The formula in the picture of this post summarises my whole philosophy about what is needed to create a successful business. I probably don’t need to say any more – just leave you with the picture. But for those of you who like details, I’ll expand in the post. 🙂

Why Creativity is essential to your survival as an entrepreneur

Creativity and Ideas tend to get a bit of a bashing these days in the startup world. This tweet I received the other day expresses the sentiment well.

Here’s four reasons why it’s worth valuing and working on your business creativity.