30 Day Business Idea Challenge

Create 30 business ideas in 30 days

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I’m very excited about a brand new event starting soon here at Ready Set Startup. On the 5th of March, I am starting our very first 30 Day Business Idea Challenge and I hope you will join me.

If you want to start a business, you need a good idea – and you don’t just need one, you need a few because only 1 in 10 are going to be worth following through on.

And if you have already started a business, you need to keep that creativity flowing so you can overcome obstacles and turn your idea into a reality.

Some of the comments I often hear from people are:

  • “I’m not creative”
  • “Everything I think of has been done by someone else”
  • “I’m just not an ideas person.”

Well, if that is you, I want you to know that

  • You are creative
  • You can come up with great ideas and in fact
  • You can create more ideas than you can ever execute.

It’s all about learning the skills and tools to help your brain recognise and develop opportunities and then practising those skills until you are doing it without even trying.

What is great about developing these skills is that you can apply them to any part of your life – making personal decisions, in your job – and if you want to be an entrepreneur, they are essential.

Why you can do this

I know that anyone can do this because I have taught these creativity techniques to hundreds of my University students and they end every semester with great business ideas – even the people who are only taking Entrepreneurship because it’s a required subject and had trouble coming up with any ideas in the beginning.

So if you would like to develop your ability to come up with great business ideas, you might want to continue reading below.

What is the Challenge all about?

I have developed a 30 day challenge to train you in the skills you need to become a business idea ninja/wizard/generator.

You will learn all the strategies and tools you need and every day you will get a task to complete that will result in at least one new business idea. We will approach it in bite sized chunks so you can build your skills by spending 15 – 30 minutes a day learning and practising and creating at least one business idea a day.

Even better, you will be doing it at the same time as a bunch of other people.  This challenge is going to be live. We all start and finish on the same date. We’re all in it together! This is not an ongoing, automated program run by robots. It’s designed by me, the material is written by me, and I’ll be here to answer your questions and guide you through. The tools and strategies I will teach you and the exercises you will do are the same ones I use in my own businesses and which hundreds of my University students have used to create and develop business ideas. I will be streaming in via video twice per week. I will be in the forum, tweeting and face-booking as we go along. I’ll be with you throughout the entire process.

And you will have the opportunity to give and get feedback from the other participants too.

At the end of the course, you will be really good at creating business ideas and recognising opportunities.  I am sure that you will come away with more than one idea that you are really excited about and want to start building a business around.

I’m looking forward to taking this journey with you and seeing you discover just how creative you are and what you are capable of.

How to participate:

You can sign up for the 30 Day Business Idea Challenge at this link.


 Image courtesy of RAAD AL-QARNI used under Creative Commons licence.