Startup Tip 39: Keep good company records – even when it’s just you!

This is a guest post by Andrew Dubinsky. 


keep good recordsEntrepreneurs typically fall into two groups: You’re either the sales-and-marketing-type or the brainy-investor-type.

As the sales-and-marketing-type you excel at the creative side of business, (company records be damned.)

The problem is, that from day one, you’ll be closely monitored and scrutinized by these (oftentimes quite boring) brainy-investors, or (the even more boring) bureaucrat types. Investors will want to see clean, clear financial information and plans before they invest. Regulators, banks, licensing organizations and the tax man will all want to see important records about your business formation, revenue, expenses, and more. And when you come to sell your business, your company records need to be impeccable or you could lose the deal.

I cannot stress the importance of meticulous record keeping. Start from day one. It will save you a headache in the long run. A good business plan means being prepared to spend the time to keep your company records in order.

Action: Take stock of your company record keeping systems

Take 5 minutes today to take stock of your company’s record keeping systems. Can you find important information when you need it? Where are you letting things slip? What can you do to make it easy for yourself to organise the information you need?

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Image used under Creative Commons license courtesy of  Marcin Wichary

Andrew Dubinsky is a successful entrepreneur with 4 profitable start-up companies under his belt. He is the CEO of Encomia, where he developed electronic signature technology for the mortgage industry. Mr. Dubinsky has been mentioned in Time Magazine, The WSJ as well as numerous other banking/mortgage trade publications. You can catch him on Twitter @AndrewDubinsky


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