Sisters doing it for themselves: the (interactive) list of women entrepreneurs

It seems like female founders are invisible these days. Over the last few weeks, I’ve come across countless articles bemoaning the lack of women in tech.

However, there are plenty of awesome women entrepreneurs out there but they are more likely to beavering away on their startup or juggling life at home than blowing their trumpet.

Aspiring women entrepreneurs need to hear stories of other women who’ve done it before them. It’s encouraging and helps us believe it can be done. I don’t think there are enough of those stories around.

So let’s start to change that right here – together. I need your help to create a great list of women entrepreneurs, those awesome female startup founders who inspire you. It would be great to have a really comprehensive ┬álist ┬áso journalists and conference organisers can find inspiring women entrepreneurs and give them opportunities to tell their stories.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Add women entrepreneurs to the list. Just click the pink “Add to List” button. Founders can be from any country and in any industry. Tell us what they’ve done and what you admire about them, and link to their twitter handle if you can so we can connect. You can also comment within the list on any of the founders.
  2. Vote for the founders you think have done an awesome job.
  3. Share the list with others so they can add to it too.

Here’s the list:

[listly id=”49x” layout=”full”]

Who can you add?


  1. Hi Susan,

    An Amazing list of such amazing, inspirational females.

    Thanks for providing such an easy way for me to get touch with these female-preneurs ! Loving the interactive button.


  2. Val Racheeva is the founder & CEO of WEFOUND, a Berlin based startup, which aim is to empower women around the world to make the jump and take the path to entrepreneurship #girlgobusiness

  3. Founder of Wooly Mates and blog. Products and information to inspire you to go green in your home and life.

  4. Claire is the Inventor, founder and Managing Director of Chillipeeps 3in1 Teats and Spouts, making life a little easier when out and about with baby by attaching directly to ready-made formula and water

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