Startup Tip 23: Get connected with your purpose

Take some time to reflect today and get connected with your purpose. What are you doing this all for?

Staying connected to the reason for building your business is important – it’s what will get you up in the morning when you’d rather stay in bed!

I try to find simple things to remind me of my purpose. Because I am a visual person, I like to put a quote in my peripheral vision so I see it when I am working on my PC. I also have a reminder of one of my goals for my business in my WordPress login. Pictures work well for me too.

What are you building your business for and how do you stay connected with that? Come on. Share. We can all learn something!

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Picture by Steve Polyak, Licensed under Creative Commons.


  1. Susan, I’m working on my startup because I truly believed the idea was pure inspiration. And that is the only thing that keeps me going every time I experience a difficult challenge. If I didn’t have that conviction, I would’ve quit long ago.


    • That’s awesome James. That is what will get you out of bed in the morning!

      Keep it up. You do have an awesome idea and I know you will find a way to make it work.


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