Startup Tip 24: Can you answer the question “What do you do?”

Make sure you can answer the following questions clearly:
– What do you do?
– What do you stand for?
– What problem are you solving?

I was at a seminar a few months ago and the presenter asked 6 business people what their business did. None of them were able to answer the question in a clear succinct way that made sense to people who had no previous knowledge of their business.

Get clarity on these questions. Test out your answers on friends that don’t know your business. The clarity you get will help immensely with strategic decisions and marketing communications for your business.

So go on! What’s your answers? Tell us below and leave a link to your business. (Genuine answers only – no spammers!)

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  1. We supply luxurious hammam towels from North Africa. These towels are great for home,beach or travel

  2. Troy says:

    I help SME business owners and marketers in the professional services B2B space use social media to generate incoming, highly qualified, targeted leads without any selling involved – even if they’re luddites.

  3. I connect local businesses with the local community

  4. I love to save you money and time when you shop for clothes!

  5. We help our subscription business customers look great before their customers with rave-worthy billing support. We help them measure, manage & sell subscription business better with less effort using our automated recurring billing solution. That’s ChargeBee. 🙂

  6. Our clients enjoy having a convenient way to show appreciation to their customers and stay top-of-mind with them throughout the year. As busy professionals & business owners, they appreciate the convenience (cards are mailed for them on a schedule) and the low cost ($1 per card). Our motto: people will forget what you say, they will forget what you do, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

  7. The problem we solve is to provide a multi purpose accessory that travels easily. If you need a blanket, a towel, a tablecloth, a wrap, a shawl, a baby stroller cover, a sunshade the fouta Hammam towel will do the job!

  8. We provide a platform for independent music artist to display their talents. ie videos,song, and interviews.
    We support all Indie talent ,and Our goal is to be the number one outlet for individuals looking to start a career in music business.

  9. We show businesses; what consumers wish to buy!

  10. I founded and run a start-up charity Oz Fair Trade which aims to alleviate poverty through fair trade. I am inspired by Oxfam and wonderful people I met in developing countries. I am passionate about making the world a fairer place through a sustainable and socially responsible business model. Consumers increasingly demand ethically produced products, and I do my best in building a bridge between them and artisans who live in poverty.

  11. I coach people how to leverage the power of ebay and amazon to boost sales and create a “side job” for themselves as a means of generating extra income for themselves and their families.

  12. We manage electronic health records of people, be it lab reports, eye test report, prescriptions and records of daily tests like blood sugar, blood pressure etc. As having records handy in one place will help patient and doctor to understand patient history better.

  13. Family photo albums, wedding books even your children’s baby pictures can all get lost in a move, hard drive crash or natural disaster.

    Our customers use our cloud to store private data. That account is left to designated family/friends. Allowing the story of the users life to live on 4EverEternal.

    4EverEternal – it will “save” your life. We stand for the encouragement of positive thought.

  14. 1 – WealthNation is a digital piggy bank that will allow people to save small amounts of money often, so they can do more of the things in life that make them happy.
    2 – we believe wealth isn’t just about money or material possessions – it’s about being able to choose your path in life and not let it choose you.
    3 – saving money requires constant thought, action and discipline. For a lot of people those are significant barriers to success. We will remove those barriers and make it effortless, painless and rewarding.

  15. It’s amazing how many entrepreneurs can’t answer such a fundamental question. I see this all the time when reading startup “About” pages. You figure they would be clear but they are confusing and a mish-mash of ideas. This problem is one of the reasons why so many of my startup clients need to begin with a messaging exercise.

    • That’s often where I start too Mark.
      Figuring out the answer to this question sounds like it should be simple, but it’s actually really hard to do yourself without an outside perspective.

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