Startup Tip 29: Start an exercise routine

Exercising regularly not only does wonders for your health but it also benefits your business. We all know we should do it, but here’s why.


  • makes you more alert
  • gives you more stamina
  • increases your energy
  • improves your mood
  • helps you sleep better
  • increases  your ability to cope with stress.

“I don’t know a successful entrepreneur who is not a fitness fanatic.” Tim Stannage, serial entrepreneur, Kari Accessories, Business Essentials

Action: Plan more exercise in your routine

What is one change you can make to put more exercise into your routine? Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Find one or two physical activities that you want to do and would find fun. It could be anything: walking, jogging, tennis, fencing, sailing, cycling, anything. Booking yourself into regular classes or a competition is a great way to ensure that you will get regular exercise. Don’t feel guilty about spending the time on exercise. It will ultimately benefit you and your business.
  • Find some times in your daily or weekly routine where you can walk or cycle instead of drive. what about going to the  post office, getting coffee, picking up a few items from the supermarket or picking the kids up from school.
  • Find a friend you can work out with regularly.

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Image used under Creative Commons license courtesy of  Thomas Quine



  1. Hey Susan

    Love the new look & feel.

    cheers Tim

  2. I now commit at least 30 mins a day to exercise every night and I have noticed an improvement in my energy level and quality of sleep. I think it’s absolutely essential for every start-up entrepreneur to have an exercise routine.

  3. Chris Wheeler says:

    I agree that exercise and an exercise routine are brilliant for mind and body; so anyone who wants to, should.
    I do NOT agree that exercise in itself causes success, as one might read from Tim Stannage’s quote.
    Weekday mornings I exercise at 07:00: 3 x weights, 2 x yoga…..and feel brilliant for it!

    • Hi Chris. Thanks for your comment.
      Tim’s comment is suggesting a correlation not a causation between exercise and success.
      I agree with you. There’s no doubt that exercise helps the mind and the body.


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