Startup Tip 30: Ask for a favour & get others invested in your success

“Entrepreneurs or executives often hesitate to ask for help because they worry about being intrusive or appearing needy. The truth is that it’s innately satisfying to assist others, and most people want to help. Next time you want to make a connection with someone, ask them for a favor. Request that they serve as a reference or provide a testimonial of your work. Hit them up for new client referrals or job leads. Don’t be shy about it. Asking for favors can be a powerful way to get people to like you better, because they become invested in your success.” – Dorie Clark

Action: Let someone be a support to you & your business – Ask for help

What would really help your business right now? Is it a referral, some word of mouth promotion, advice or something else? Who do you know who may be willing to help? Make a list, ask them – and surprise yourself by the results.

Further Reading: Don’t let fear hold your business back

This tip comes from the Harvard Business Review. Read the whole article: The Fear That’s Holding Back Your Business by Dorie Clark  He suggests that by being scared to ask for favours from people we have done business with, we miss out on enroling them as allies, when they are often very willing to help. He also suggests 4 things you could consider asking your friends, colleagues, and past clients.

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