When to register a company – probably not as soon as you think

One of the first questions new entrepreneurs ask is when to register a company. The answer to this is, “It depends.” Before you even think about company structures, you need to establish that you have a viable business opportunity. Then, (and only then) decide when (or if) to move the business into a company structure, […]

Startup tip #17 – Create trust by guaranteeing your product

Giving a guarantee is an effective way to build trust for your customer. Guarantees are an assurance to the customer that they won’t be worse off by using your product or service. Essentially you are protecting them from any perceived (or real) downsides. The trick to an effective guarantee is working out what are the […]

Startup tip #16 – Why you need to start a blog

It seems like everyone is blogging these days, but if you have something to say, a blog can be a good way to demonstrate your expertise. Blogs are great for establishing credibility because they are not perceived as “marketing’ and therefore customers are more receptive to what they are reading. Blogs are a great way […]

Startup tip #15: Use testimonials from satisfied customers.

Your potential customer is looking for proof that you can do what you say and that they will benefit if they spend money with you. Testimonials tell them that you have been able to come up with the goods for others. However, all the cheesy sales sites do this so make sure your testimonials look […]

Startup tip #14: 7 ideas to create an effective ‘About’ page on your website

Create an ‘About’ page on your website. On my site, it’s one of the most viewed pages. It’s one of the first places visitors will look to get a sense of who you are and what you do. You can be transparent and engage your customers. It can also help direct readers to other pages […]