How to build your startup like a serial entrepreneur: John Fearon and

how to build a startup - find the right team

Sometimes starting a new idea in the middle of your current startup can be a distraction which leads entrepreneurs down an unproductive path. But in John Fearon’s case, the path lead to a successful new business. The business idea came while he was working on his current focus at the time, a startup called While developing […]

How I single-handedly raised almost $40,000 in crowdfunding: Kylie Gusset & the Ton of Wool project

Last week, I met Kylie Gusset, a yarntrepreneur who raised almost $40,000 in crowdfunding on Australian crowdfunding website to process a ton of Australian wool in Australia. Her motivation for the project is that processing wool in Australia is fast becoming a dying art, and wool needs to stay in Australia for creation from […]

What is Entrepreneurship? – 3 essential things you need to master to make your startup a success

Welcome to the first of Ready Set Startup’s Starting a business: Tools and Techniques videos on “What is Entrepreneurship.” Get stuck into the video right here. There is a text summary below for those of you that prefer reading, however it is missing the diagrams that I show on the video.   What is Entrepreneurship? […]

How I created and launched a startup from an internet café in Zimbabwe, Africa

Young IT Entrepreneur – Munyuki Manatsa of Think you can’t start a business?  If this guy can do it, so can you! The inspiring story below is written by Munyuki Manatsa, a Zimbabwian tech graduate and now young IT entrepreneur who turned an 80% unemployment rate into an opportunity to create and  launch his startup, […]