How I created and launched a startup from an internet café in Zimbabwe, Africa

Young IT Entrepreneur – Munyuki Manatsa of Think you can’t start a business?  If this guy can do it, so can you! The inspiring story below is written by Munyuki Manatsa, a Zimbabwian tech graduate and now young IT entrepreneur who turned an 80% unemployment rate into an opportunity to create and  launch his startup, […]

Why having a bad business idea is a good thing

Aspiring entrepreneurs have two big questions: How do I come up with a good business idea? How do I know if my idea will make a successful business? In addition to this, most new entrepreneurs expect their first business idea to be a great one. I did too! However, now I know that in my […]

Startup tip #6 – Launch a scaled-back version

The lean startup movement talks about starting with a minimum viable product: the product with just the necessary features to get money and feedback from early adopters. Although  typically applied to tech businesses, it can work for other businesses too. What is the simplest product you can get out there to test customer demand? The […]