Startup Tip 69: You NEED to super charge your startup creation

There’s something in you that you HAVE to share with the world. I KNOW there is. Here’s why. You have this business idea that you think about all the time. You can see exactly what your startup will look like when it’s finished. It really inspires you. It keeps you awake at night. You feel […]

Startup Tip 53: How big does your business really need to be? Small may be big enough

How big does your business really need to be? We hear stories all the time about startups that have raised millions or been sold for millions.  The media is currently obssessed with it. Our society tends to emphaise that bigger is better and that success in business is building something that is sold for millions […]

Startup Tip 42: Decide to actually do, what it will actually take, to achieve what you want

That’s it! The headline says it all. Action: Get your head out of the minutiae of stuff that needs to be done and give yourself the luxury (and necessity) of an hour or two to plan. Decide what you want, work out what action it will take and then do it. Review your plan regularly. Further Reading: […]

Startup Tip 24: Can you answer the question “What do you do?”

Make sure you can answer the following questions clearly: – What do you do? – What do you stand for? – What problem are you solving? I was at a seminar a few months ago and the presenter asked 6 business people what their business did. None of them were able to answer the question […]

Startup Tip 23: Get connected with your purpose

Take some time to reflect today and get connected with your purpose. What are you doing this all for? Staying connected to the reason for building your business is important – it’s what will get you up in the morning when you’d rather stay in bed! I try to find simple things to remind me […]