Startup tip 57: Celebrate your achievements

Do you celebrate your achievements? Not only the big ones, but the little steps you take consistently day by day? In a startup, our to-do list never ends and it’s important to lift our nose from the grindstone and acknowledge that we are making progress. A few weeks ago, I was feeling really frustrated. I […]

Startup tip 34: Banish doubt – Believe in yourself and what you do

Believe in yourself – This sounds really fundamental, but it is amazing how often we doubt ourselves and doubt the idea we are working on. I am evaluating a new startup opportunity right now and already I have gone from excitement and “this is the greatest idea ever” to doubt and “maybe it’s a dumb […]

Startup tip #13: Recreate your past successes

Reflect: How can you create success in your business using strategies you already know? All of us have had success in some area. Think about something you have done really well in the past which you enjoyed. It doesn’t have to be business related. What were the factors that made you successful in this situation? […]