Startup Tip 51: Set a failure point and stick to it

This is a guest post by Carolyn Kane. Failure isn’t something you want to think about for your startup, but it’s going to be essential to your success. I have never seen a startup that didn’t have at least one failed strategy or idea. The people who are still in business benefitted from their failures […]

When to register a company – probably not as soon as you think

One of the first questions new entrepreneurs ask is when to register a company. The answer to this is, “It depends.” Before you even think about company structures, you need to establish that you have a viable business opportunity. Then, (and only then) decide when (or if) to move the business into a company structure, […]

Startup Tip 41: Don’t Mix Business with Pleasure – Financially, at least

This is a guest post by Andrew Dubinsky.  Keep your personal and financial records separate. 
This goes right along with my first tip. Don’t use your personal account to pay for business expenses and vice versa. Get a business bank account as soon as you can. Most business bank accounts now offer debit cards so you can still […]

Startup Tip 39: Keep good company records – even when it’s just you!

This is a guest post by Andrew Dubinsky.    Entrepreneurs typically fall into two groups: You’re either the sales-and-marketing-type or the brainy-investor-type. As the sales-and-marketing-type you excel at the creative side of business, (company records be damned.) The problem is, that from day one, you’ll be closely monitored and scrutinized by these (oftentimes quite boring) […]

Startup Tip 38: No business data = no business. How safe is yours?

Today a friend of mine was burgled. Her phone, an iPad and her deceased father’s watch and wedding ring were stolen. But what she is most upset about is that her Macbook has disappeared together with a lifetime’s worth of content including all the files and business data for her business. She doesn’t have backups, which […]