Startup Tip 44: Don’t monetise too early

Don’t monetise too early? Isn’t business all about making money? Am I insane or what? Yes, yes and probably yes! 🙂 There’s one point of view that says when you start a business, you should always know how you are going to make money out of it. I agree with that and I also think there […]

Start up fast: How to grow your business out of the baby stage

Last week I said to my husband, that I feel like I have this little baby that keeps crying and crying and won’t shut up! The baby is Ready Set Startup. And the crying is telling me it needs nurturing to keep it alive. The way to keep a startup alive is momentum. Momentum is […]

Why having a bad business idea is a good thing

Aspiring entrepreneurs have two big questions: How do I come up with a good business idea? How do I know if my idea will make a successful business? In addition to this, most new entrepreneurs expect their first business idea to be a great one. I did too! However, now I know that in my […]

Steps to starting a business: Part 3 – Planning and taking action

In the previous post of this series, we discussed how the concept of testing your idea to make sure there is demand for it. Now that you know there is, you want to plan a business that will take full advantage of that demand. Planning will make you aware of the issues and give you the foundation to take the consistent focused action your business will need to be successful.

Steps to Starting a Business: Part 2 – Testing your business idea

Last post, we discussed how the best business ideas solve a problem for someone. Once you have come up with a solution, you need to ask: Will anyone pay for this? Before you invest too much time and money in your business, you need to test whether it is something people are willing to pay […]

Steps to starting a business: Part 1 – Finding and Developing an Idea

There’s basically 3 steps to starting a business. Completing all these steps before you launch your business gives you the best possible potential for success. Leaving out one of these steps will affect your business negatively – it could mean your business is not as successful as it could be, cost you a lot of money because of mistakes or ultimately force you to close your doors.