Startup tip #8: Today, find one unproductive habit to change and one useful habit to begin.

Assess whether your current actions are getting you to where you want to go. What small change can you make that would have a positive impact on your life?

“If you want to see your past, look at your current situation. If you want to see your future, look at your current actions.”  – unknown


  1. Can you recommend specific habits to add/drop when it comes to building your own business?

    E.g. tell one person a day about what you are doing. talk about your start up.

    • There is lots of habits to add and drop. (Check out the Startup Tips for ideas.) However, you as an individual entrepreneur, know what is the most impactful thing you can do (and not do) right now to take yourself and your business forward.
      So take 5 minutes to sit and look inside and you will work it out. It might well be telling people about what you are doing.

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