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Susan Jones Ready Set StartupGetting a startup off the ground is tough. It’s really tough. It’s probably one of the toughest things that you’ve ever done.

It’s also lonely.

You get up every morning. You’ve got to give yourself the motivation to get done what you need to do. You’ve got to decide what the most important things to do are. And there’s more things to do than you could ever possibly fit into your day or week.

Really hard decisions.

You’ve got to be great at time management. You’ve got to be great at strategy. You’ve got to be great at marketing. And business model planning. And finance. And design. etc, etc. And then you’ve got to be an expert in the industry that you’re building your startup in.

It’s a tough gig.

But it’s an exciting one. It’s a great one.

And the rewards can be fantastic.

There’s something about being able to start your own idea and bring it to reality – and create something worthwhile from your own work and effort – that is like nothing else.

And so good on you for doing it. For making the decision to walk this tough road. You’re no wuss. That’s why you’ve decided to start a startup.

However, sometimes it’s good to have someone by your side. You could probably do it on your own. But sometimes, (mostly, if we’re being honest), it’s good to have help. Just  to have someone there who you can bounce ideas off, who can give you advice, who’s been there. Who can help you with the best strategies and keep you accountable to make sure you do them. Who can encourage you and give you perspective when it all feels a bit much.

That kind of support – when you are working on your own – is invaluable.

And that’s what I offer.

If you’re sick of working on your own. Or you really need someone to just be accountable with strategy and with the next steps that you should take, I’m here for you.

I have founded my own startups. I know what it’s like in the trenches. I am also a lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Swinburne University and the Founder of Ready Set Startup. I have worked with hundreds of founders, just like you, to help them focus their direction and take consistent, focused action to build their startups for success. So I’ve seen it all. I see the common mistakes that founders fall into and I know what the solutions are.

I’m a coach and a teacher, but I’m not interested in just telling you stuff. I specialise in ‘a-ha’ moments. In helping you find the key insights you need to move forward past your startup obstacles with clarity and focus. Here’s what a few of my clients have said:

KathySusan gently nudges you past the mental hurdles that block the view of your finish line….then she holds your feet firmly to fire until you get there.

Whether it’s your 1st startup, or your 51st, every entrepreneur can benefit from a coach providing insight, advice and a new perspective. I’m lucky to be able to say Susan is mine.

Kathy Ver Eecke – DoneByLunch

I can tell you one thing with absolutely certainty – Susan is an amazing coach! She removes the guess work and helps you identify the key areas you need to focus on next, so you can be more successful in your business. And she’ll gently and firmly hold your feet to the fire.

Time with Susan is one of the best investments you can make.

Tim Mcauley – SoulSurfer School

RajSusan helped me identify, highlight and prioritize areas that I need to focus on before and during starting up. It has definitely helped me get ‘ready’ and confident to start my business and I feel a lot better about my venture which is seeing a ton of traction already.

I can vouch for the breadth and depth in her knowledge and insight working with numerous startups and think that just working with her will improve your chances of success as a startup-tepreneur’

Raj Nadar – Inside Sales On Demand

What’s the next important move forward in YOUR business?

How would it make a difference to have some extra expertise and accountability on your side?

Here’s how that can happen:

The best way for us to start working together is with a one-off, no strings attached, Focus Session. We’ll spend a focused 50 minutes working together on your most pressing problem.

Here’s some examples of things people like to discuss during these sessions:

  • How to know if your idea is a good opportunity or if you need to go back to the drawing board
  • How to take the first steps to implement your idea and turn it into reality
  • How to find the money to finance your startup – it’s possible to do it without an investor and I can show you how
  • How to find your ideal customers, and create marketing that relates to them and persuades them to buy your product
  • How to prioritse and manage your time so you can get everything done and still have some time left for a life and your family
  • How to improve your business plan and pitch so it’s laser targeted to the right investors

You’ll walk away with new strategies and perspectives to make your startup even better – and a list of action steps and resources to help you implement everything we spoke about. You’ll also get a recording of our session so you can go back over it and absorb every detail of our conversation.

If that sounds appealing to you, all you need to do is click the button and you’ll be taken to the checkout page. Once you’ve made your payment, I’ll send you an email with instructions on how to book a time for your Focus Session that suits you.


ReidSusan helped me become much more focused on what I need to do to be more successful in my business. As a business owner, I’m stretched thin trying to get all aspects of my business running smoothly. I was unclear on what was important for me to establish first and Susan helped bring my needs into focus.

Working with Susan was very easy and the whole experience helped boost my confidence and I am making important business decisions that will pay off.

Reid Bryant Kimball – Sparkplug Creations

NikyIt’s not every day that you come across someone who really knows their subject and not only knows it, but can also teach it. Susan Jones is such a person.

Her knowledge and strategic thinking has put our business firmly on a path towards knowing who our audience is and how we can best help them get the results they need.

Nicola Templeton, Co-Founder, Templeton Murphy Pty Ltd.

Who is this for?

Now I’ve got to be upfront with you – I’m pretty direct in my feedback as a coach. I’ll give it to you straight and I’ll also challenge you when you need it. It’s not personal, but because I am absolutely committed to doing what it takes to get you positioned where you need to be for startup success. And some parts of that journey are a bit uncomfortable. If you’re not okay with that, then I’m not the coach for you.

However, if you want someone to give you an unbiased perspective, if you’ve really been longing for straight up feedback and if you’re prepared to be embrace new ideas and strategies, then you’ll be able to use the time we have together to make big shifts forward in your business.

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The price for your Focus Session is $197. However, be aware that my first priority is to my regular coaching clients. That means I have a limited number of spots available for Focus Sessions. In fact my usual practice is to fill my coaching time with regular clients and not do Focus Sessions at all.

However the good news for you, is that I currently have a few spots available – so if you really want to make progress with your startup, now is your chance.

If you are interested, if you’d like some focused time working on your startup, click the button above and book your session and let’s kick some goals together.

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Why do I need a Startup Coach? I can just find a regular business coach, can’t I?

If you go to a regular business coach for help and advice in a startup, it’s not going to be targeted for your needs. They are used to working with businesses that are established and that’s a very different position from building a business from nothing.

A regular business coach is not going to have the expertise and startup knowledge to help you get off the ground. They can be great once you are established and you’ve got revenues, but not at the very beginning.

I know a business owner/founder who says he’ll mentor me. Why do I need a Coach?

It’s great to have mentors. It’s great to have people who have been founders to advise you and support you. They are not going to take the place of a coach though.

The reason why is that a startup coach, like myself, has worked with hundreds of startups. I see patterns. I see the common mistakes that founders fall into and I know what the solutions are. If you’re using founders as your only mentors, they only know the mistakes they’ve fallen into themselves. So they don’t have the breadth of knowledge and the same pattern recognition and solution problem solving skills that a great startup coach will have.

I don’t have money to pay for coaching

I get it. When you are a startup, you don’t have a lot of money. Why would you spend it on a coach?

A great startup coach, like myself, will help you execute faster. Not only that, but I’ll help you make your idea bigger and more profitable. So not only will you get to profitability quicker, but you’ll have a better business when you do. So the investment in coaching is not even comparable to the payoff for you in terms of what it will do for the potential of your business. Having more minds working on your business just makes it something bigger and more awesome than it ever would have been if it was just you working on it.

And that alone – that leverage – is worth the price of startup coaching.

I don’t have the time to meet with a coach regularly. There’s so much to do in my business.

Well I would suggest you don’t have the time not to.

In a startup, you have to be really focused on what you execute and it’s easy to go down rabbit holes and spend time on things that are not really crucial for your business when working on your own or with a small team. The time you spend with me as a coach will help focus you on the most important priorities for your business. It will help you to make sure that every minute you spend in your fortnight is laser targeted and will contribute to creating a better business and getting you to profitability faster. After all, that’s the name of the game.

Do you work with startups in ______ industry?

I work with startup founders in all sorts of industries. Because, believe it or not, the principles of getting a business off the ground are the same no matter what industry you are in.

LeanneSusan has a keen insight into the challenges that entrepreneurs face. If you’re struggling with prioritization and next steps, just a conversation with her will help you to get clear and motivated again. She’ll let you know what things you should focus on for best results and what you can safely let slide for now.

Susan is always supportive and she’ll keep you on track, too. She follows up and is great at keeping me accountable. I’m always pulled in many directions, so that’s important to me. Susan doesn’t let me forget what I’ve promised myself I’ll do!

Leanne Regalla, Writer, Podcaster, and Business Owner at Make Creativity Pay

EmmaTalking with Susan was a valuable reflection upon the state of my business, it challenged me to be honest with myself. Susan’s extensive passion and knowledge of entrepreneurship really shines through, definitely a worthwhile investment.”

Emma Penrose – Penrose Creative Projects


JackSusan really helped me in finding my entrepreneurial path. Her hands on teaching and industry knowledge was priceless.
Jack Paxton



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